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Creator Questionnaire

Basic Information


The following is the core information we need for every film or series. Though it comes from FilmFreeway, please be careful and check the spelling, punctuation, and length.

The unique identifier used in the Sparq Festival Platform.
Primary Language What is the primary language of the dialog throughout the film/series? If the film/series has multiple spoken languages, pick the most prevalent.
The title of your work as you market it in English language countries. If you market under your non-English title, enter that here.
What is the OFFICIAL TITLE of your film or series as you MARKET it in the primary language? If you always use the English-language title to market the work, enter the English-language title here. Make sure the title uses the spelling, capitalization, and punctuation you want used in our program and online.
Do you prefer us to use the native language title or the English title when talking about your film or series?
What will you premiere status be for this festival on the start date of this festival?
Countries What countries should be credited with this production? For most works, the answer to this question will be obvious. If your fllm or series was a multi-national collaboration, however, pick up to three countries that best answer this question.
The name of the production company under which your series was produced.
Provide the names of up to three people (separated by commas) who should be credited as the creators of this film or series. You may define "creator" however you like. The form will let you cheat and enter more than three people. Unfortunately, our program will include only the first three.
The names of the lead actors in your film/series.
The names of the supporting actors in your film/series.
The names of critical members of the crew such as the directors, cinematographers, ADs, etc.

Extended Meta Data


This section asks for all the extra information about your show like genres and content warnings.

Genres Specify up to three genres in which the film or series should be classified.
Perspectives From what perspectives is this story told? This is about the story teller point of view—writers, directors, main creative forces.
Themes What themes are represented in this work?
Please provide relevant content warnings to help parents be aware of any age-sensitive content during our screenings. Select as many warnings as apply to your work.
This is your typical series logline—a description of your series in just one line. Limit: 200 characters.
A longer description of the series and its plot. Limit: 380 characters.

Social Media


Our primary promotional vehicle is social media and we want to make sure that we are tagging you and linking to your social media whenever possible. Don't forget to tag us as well!

A comma-separated list of hashtags used on social media when marketing this film or series.
The @account for the instagram page for this film or series.
The @account for the Twitter page associated with this film or series.
The HTTPS link to the Facebook page for this film or series.
The HTTP link to your film or series web page.
The HTTP link to your page on IMDB.

Other Questions


Anything else we need to know is packaged together in this section. As always look for fields marked with an asterisk (*), because those fields are required before we consider the form complete.

Video Assets


Image Assets


This section asks for the key image assets necessary for presentation in the online screening catalog. Hover over the field to get information on exact specifications.

Logo The logo is for any marketing materials we put together based on your film/series. It should have a transparent background (e.g. PNG) and ideally is in a squarish aspect ratio, though we do not enforce any specific aspect ratio or dimensions.
Square Poster
Square Poster The square poster is typically used in print materials and social media. As the name implies, it should be in a square format minimally 1000x1000.
Landscape Poster
Landscape Poster
The landscape poster is used mostly for displaying your show in the online screening catalog. It is an asset you should be able to use well beyond this festival. It's a 1920x1080 JPG image. The form will reject anything that is not 1920x1080.
Portrait Poster
Portrait Poster
The portrait poster is used in some mobile device contexts in which the landscape poster is won't work. This is a poster with typical one-sheet dimensions—which, again, is something you should have prepared in general for promoting your work. It is a 508x752 JPG image.

Laurel Gallery

The Laurel Gallery contains all laurels associated with this film/series, including all publicly announced nominations and awards.

Geo Blocking Rules

We ask you not to set any geo-blocking rules unless you have contractual obligations that require them. This section lets you manage any necessary rules.

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Team Management

You made add/remove members from your team who will have access to update information on this film/series as well as download laurels and other festival information.

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Recipients This is the list of people who will be sent your message.
The subject of your message.
The main content of your message.

Is this video 4K/UHD? Answer yes only if the video is actually 4k or higher in resolution.
Does this video have any dialog? Check yes if your video include any dialog

What happens when a person from the selection country/region tries to access the content? REQUIRE means that a person MUST come from this country/region. DENY means that any person from that country/region is rejected. ALLOW for a country will override a DENY in for the region in which that country is located.
You may define geo blocking rules at the country level or at the larger regional level (for example, the continent or the EU).
Country Type in the name of the country you want this rule applied to. You may specify multiple countries.
Continent/Region Type in the name of the content or region you want this rule applied to. Valid regions include: European Union, Latin America, The Americas. You may specify multiple regions.
State/Province Type in the name of the state or province you want this rule applied to. You may specify multiple states and provinces.

Permissions Indicate the contexts in which you will allow your film or series to be screened.
An email address where the invitation will be sent.
A first name or given name.
A last name or family name.

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